Rules at Airsoft Billericay

  • Airsoft Disclaimer
  • Please read, print, fill out and understand this form when playing Airsoft.

The Age Lmits:

  • The Age Limits: Min Age 14 if unaccompanied. 12-13 year olds can ONLY play if accompanied by a playing parent.

Clothing & eyes.

  • Eye protection to be worn at all times unless in the designated safe zone.
  • Full face protection must be worn by under 18 yr olds
  • We strongly recommend that full face protection is worn by all players. If the mouth is not protected there is a risk of dental injury from the impact of a bb and there is a risk of serious eye injury if eye protection is not worn.
  • We recommend as much of the body as possible is covered with suitable padding.

General Safety.

  • If within 10 feet do not discharge the weapon. Shout Bang where possible.
  • Players must be aware that the playing area is natural woodland and as such there may be natural hazards such as rabbit holes, fallen trees etc and all sorts of natural trip hazards.
  • Remove mags & discharge gun before entering the safe zone & or disconnect battery.
  • Launcher style grenades must either be removed from weapon / put in a sealed container / covered / or blocked.

Game Rules & Site.

  • Max power for automatic AEGs is 350 FPS ( all guns will be checked, there may be random checks whilst in game play )
  • Bolt Action Snipers 450fps
  • Snipers must carry back up weapons
  • Minimum engagement distance for Snipers is 30 metres
  • No Blind Firing, rebounds & gun hits don't count, foot shots under buildings do count.
  • MOST IMPORTANT - Take hits, if in doubt please class as a hit.
  • If people are not taking hits, don't shout & swear at them, tell a marshal only.
  • A marshal may randomly shoot you during a game with a pistol only, this is to help ensure people take hits.
  • Pyro's are confirmed on the day & must be inspected before use.
  • When throwing a pyro always shout "grenade" whilst throwing mk. 5 only.
  • Ground level sport so no digging holes or climbing trees.
  • Remove all rubbish from the site, if black bags are provided please use them.
  • Avoid head shots, although these are allowed it can be dangerous.


  • One blow of a whistle starts or ends a game
  • More than one blast of a whistle is a emergency, stop what you are doing and don't move, await further instruction, this may come as a single whistle blast to resume the game.

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Airsoft game days at Billericay

Skirmish Days, Skirmish Days are open to all levels of player and there is always a good mix of experienced and 1st time players. First time players are taken to a separate game zone for an 'orientation warm-up game' This is just a short game to get them used to the equipment and the terrain before joining the main game.

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