The Alamo at Airsoft Billericay

The Alamo

Set in a vast expanse of thick varied woodland the Airsoft site at Billericay is the perfect place for a days action-packed entertainment.

The "Alamo" is our premier field of play and is a life sized replica of the real thing! This is a full-on 100% adrenaline rush with multiple scenarios and two storeys. If you don't like heights then the 2nd storey may not be for you as it is 25 ft up!

The Alamo at Airsoft Billericay, Flood lights light up at night showing the night game at it's best, with the additon of a dedicated safe zone for Airsoft users.

Skirmish paintball Games Essex Skirmish paintball Games Essex Skirmish paintball Games Essex

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Airsoft game days at Billericay

Skirmish Days, Skirmish Days are open to all levels of player and there is always a good mix of experienced and 1st time players. First time players are taken to a separate game zone for an 'orientation warm-up game' This is just a short game to get them used to the equipment and the terrain before joining the main game.

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