Game Zones at Airsoft Billericay

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The new Playing area Map is to scale produced by a professional map maker using state of the art gps technology. All features and waypoints are accurate to within 20cm (8 inches)
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Located in the centre of the forest, The Green Zone is made up from oil drums, cammo net and RPG wooden packing cases that are stacked and positioned to cover dozens of angles ....

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Five stilted bamboo huts in the style of Vietnamese jungle houses are the setting for a number of different scenarios. The scale and layout of Khe Sanh Village makes for a great centrepiece ....

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A system of massive craters believed to be WW2 bomb craters have been utilized to fantastic effect with a solid wall of sandbags and bunkers sitting atop of Hill 60. This is the classic ....

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Three wooden bridges span the creek. A number of scenarios can be used to take full advantage of these. One scenario is to set charges on all 3 bridges and once all 3 are in position the game is won ....

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Two ICBM missiles complete with command module lies deep in enemy territory. Can the launch sequence be stopped in time ....

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Cars and pickup trucks are the centre piece of this zone and makes a great battlefield. These are set in the old Archers camp ....

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All events are within a huge area of mixed natural woodland with mostly large oaks, chestnut and hornbeam. There are plenty of �Long shots� (open areas) as well as thick jungle ....

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The "Alamo" is our premier field of play and is a life sized replica of the real thing! This is a full-on 100% adrenaline rush with multiple scenarios and two storeys ....

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Airsoft game days at Billericay

Skirmish Days, Skirmish Days are open to all levels of player and there is always a good mix of experienced and 1st time players. First time players are taken to a separate game zone for an 'orientation warm-up game' This is just a short game to get them used to the equipment and the terrain before joining the main game.

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