NEW PLAYERS to Airsoft Billericay


Your entry fee is £18.00 for the first time you play.  You will be issued a site membership card and each time you attend after that the game day fee is £15.00 upon presentation of your membership card.  If you forget your card the entry fee is £17.00  Replacements for lost cards can be issued at a cost of £3.00 each.  The card/membership system tracks your game history which is essential if you intend to buy realistic looking guns.  It also gives you the members discount mentioned.

If you have your own guns and equipment, there is no need to book, just turn up and pay your game fee on the day.  Arrival time on site for registration and game briefing is 9.00am, games usually finish about 4.00pm.  There is about an hour break at lunchtime when hot freshly cooked food is available from the onsite café.  

Need to hire Guns?

If you do not have your own equipment this must be booked and paid for in advance from Airsoft Quartermaster, the onsite shop.  Here is a link to their rentals page: .

All their hire prices and choices are listed on there.  Please note, they are a separate business to us therefore we are unable to handle any enquiries regarding rentals.  If you have any queries regarding rentals you can contact the onsite shop by email at  

When are the Game Dates?

Upcoming game dates are listed on the home page of this website as well as our Facebook page:  Skirmish Airsoft Billericay.

Purchasing Guns

Ukara registration can be obtained after at least 2 whole months of attending our Skirmish events.  You will also need to have completed at least 3 shoots over this time frame and be at least 18 yrs old.  Attending in 'quick succession' cannot be used as a shortcut to registration.  There has to be at least 2 whole months elapsed between your 1st and 3rd 'shoot' as a minimum.  More info about this can be obtained through the Ukara website at:

Once you have met the criteria, we can verify your attendance and time served by issuing you a certificate which is signed and stamped by us.  You then have to take this to a registered Ukara retailer for them to register you on the Ukara player database.  Once registered, you are able to purchase a R.I.F. (realistic imitation firearm).  Registration also gives you a valid 'defence' or 'good reason to own/possess' if found in possession by law enforcement officials (Police).  We are also members of the British Airsoft Club as an alternative to Ukara.

Our site membership cards alone do not entitle you to buy a R.I.F.  The guidelines above must be followed.  Once registered, the card membership number will only then become your Ukara number as well.

Site Safety Limits

There is a link to the BB velocity and weight limits  chart  applicable to Skirmish Airsoft Billericay on the home page of this website.  All guns including pistols, must go through the chronograph at every game day.

Hope this answers your questions and look forward to seeing you on site.

Arrive 9.00 am. for registration and mission briefing. First game starts 10.00 am. sharp. Finish approx. 4.30 pm

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Airsoft game days at Billericay

Skirmish Days, Skirmish Days are open to all levels of player and there is always a good mix of experienced and 1st time players. First time players are taken to a separate game zone for an 'orientation warm-up game' This is just a short game to get them used to the equipment and the terrain before joining the main game.

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