New players to Airsoft

Your entry fee is £18.00 for both members and new players to the site. This must be paid in advance through our online store.

If you need to have your attendance logged to enable you to buy realistic looking guns then you need to become a member here. The card/membership system tracks your game history which is mandatory if you intend to buy these type of guns. This costs an extra £3.00 as a one off fee. Payment for this is arranged by requesting a one off payment link from us and supplying your full address and mobile number. You will be issued a site membership card and you simply scan your card at the check-in desk and we will record each visit. Replacements for lost cards can be issued at a cost of £3.00 each. If you are new to the site, you can have your membership verified for Ukara, (the national database that retailers use to check eligibility) after taking part in a minimum of 3 game days, spread over a minimum time frame of 56 days. We can then register you on the Ukara database by checking your photo i.d. such as a driving licence or passport (in person) and uploading your details. You cannot simply play 3 days in short succession as a shortcut. The minimum time span of 56 days is the key requirement.

Need to hire Guns?

If you do not have your own equipment this is available from Airsoft Quartermaster, the onsite rental and engineering store. Here is a link to their rentals page:

All their hire prices and choices are listed on there. Please note, they are a separate business to us therefore we are unable to handle any inquiries regarding rentals. If you have any queries regarding rentals you can contact the onsite shop by email at [email protected]

When are the Game Dates?

Every Sunday and alternate Saturdays. (Check events page for upcoming games)

Food & drink?

Our cafe is closed for the time being so you need to bring a packed lunch. Remember to bring plenty of water, especially in hot weather.

Site Safety Limits

All players guns must be tested prior to the games starting by chronographing.

Arrive by 9.00 am. for registration and mission briefing. First game starts 10.00 am. sharp. There is a lunch break at 12.30pm and games finish at about 4.00pm.